Available Until 10/26/2027

Systematic Reviews: The Role of the Librarian*


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Margaret Foster <margaretfoster@tamu.edu>.

This face-to-face course provides an introduction to systematic reviews with the focus on the role of the librarian, including practical advice, standards, and tools for each step of the review.

Resource URLhttp://guides.library.tamu.edu/systematicreviews

Learning Objectives

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

1) describe the characteristics of a systematic review and compare it with a literature review,

2) describe resources available to help with systematic reviews,

3) list and describe the steps of a systematic review, and 4)identify the roles that librarians can play in each part of the review including authorship


* Introduction Overview of workshop (15 min)
activities: discussion of experience with reviews 
* Module 0: Background of review, organizations, & resources (15 min)
* Module 1: Define and document review criteria, purpose, scope
activities: case studies for initial contact with various research topics, analyze an example review article
* Module 2: Search & save subject databases
activities: analyze searches, discuss process and documenting searches
* Module 3: Select & expand
activities: practice selection process, discuss gray literature resources
* Module 4: Assess & code
activities: review critical appraisal worksheet
* Module 5: Synthesize & write
activities: review flowcharts from various reviews
* Conclusion: Further roles for librarians and more discussion on running a systematic review service
* Wrap up and evaluation

Facility Requirements: Computer with MS PowerPoint, projector, and Internet connection.

MLA CE Credits
: 6