Available Until 6/30/2027

Research Design and Data Analysis


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Jin Wu <jwu5@usc.edu>.

This face-to-face  course provides an introduction to the research process, sequentially explaining each step in this process. The course will cover the following topics - how to develop a research question, how to determine the proper methods for data collection, how to design and implement the data collection instrument, how to analyze and synthesize the collected data into an answer to the research question, and how to visually present and disseminate the research findings.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

1. Develop a specific research question that can be answered with empirical data

2. Choose a proper data collection method based on specific needs of a research question

3. Design a valid data collection instrument

4. Determine proper sampling strategies for data collection

5. Apply data analysis software to analyze data

6. Use tools to visualize data for publication and presentation


Lecture/Demonstration 30 mins:
Formulation and operationalization of research question
Brainstorming/Hands-on Exercise 15 mins: participants work in small groups to develop a research question and operationally define the variables/concepts in the research question
Sharing/Self-disclosure 15 mins: each group shares their research question and operational definitions
Lecture/Demonstration 30 mins: Choosing the proper data collection method and designing the data collection instrument
Brainstorming/Hands-on Exercise 30 mins: Each group discusses how data will be collected to answer their research question, and designs the data collection instrument
Sharing/Self-disclosure 30 mins: Each group finds another group to pilot test the data collection instrument, and shares their feedback about the instrument design process
Data Analysis Demonstration and Practice 60 mins: Students will use the data collected from previous examples to practice data analysis
Data Visualization Demonstration and Practice 60 mins: Students will use software and example data to practice data visualization

Facility Requirements

Computer with MS Office , projector and screen, Internet access, it would be best for participants to sit in groups.

MLA CE Credits: 4.5