Available Until 4/6/2028

Health and Wellness on the Go: Mobile Resource Options

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Shari Clifton <shari-clifton@ouhsc.edu>.

The options for mobile health and wellness resources can be overwhelming. This asynchronous online course is designed to assist staff members/volunteers in public libraries/tribal libraries/literacy programs find, evaluate, and use mobile applications.

Learning Objectives
Upon completion of this course participants will be able to:
  • Describe the variety of mobile resource options;
  • Identify authoritative mobile resources focused on health and wellness for consumers;
  • Use tools to select and evaluate mobile apps.


Module 1 - Background and Overview

10 minutes	What mobile resource(s) focused on health/wellness do you, or your patrons/customers use? (sharing/self-disclosure via Padlet 
activity) 20 minutes The Impact of Mobile Health (video / reflection via Minute Paper exercise) 30 minutes Mobile Resources - Definitions & Context (hands-on exercises) Module 2 30 minutes Identifying and Using Mobile Optimized Web Sites (hands-on exercises) 30 minutes Resources for Locating Mobile Apps (hands-on exercises) Module 3 20 minutes Evaluation Tools for Mobile Apps (hands-on exercises) 35 minutes Finding the Right App for a Health/Wellness Need (hands-on exercises) 5 minutes Reflection & Evaluation

Participant Materials: Participants will need Internet access and a web browser. A personal mobile device will not be required for the completion of any course exercises.

MLA CE Credits: 3.