Cool Creative Communications: Dazzling Data Visualization*

For more information or to schedule this course, contact: Tony Nguyen,

This class covers data visualization concepts and shares tools that are effective in making data understood at a glance. Students will increase their knowledge on data visualization concepts and utilize a variety of data visualization applications. Time is built in for the class for students to practice utilizing a data visualization tool and share their creation with their class peers.

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Learning Objectives

The class is designed to increase participant’s knowledge of concepts of using visual representations of data, increase in knowledge of a variety of effective data visualization tools, and increase in knowledge of a student selected data visualization tool/application.

Participants will be able to:

  • Increase their knowledge of using visual representations of data and various data visualization tools.

  • Design a data visualization with a data set on a selected tool.

  • Discuss peer submitted data visualizations to enhance understanding of the data presented.

Facility Requirements  
Participants need only to have access to a computer with Internet capability.

If offered on-site, facility must be in a computer lab with internet connectivity and a computer connected to a projector.

MLA CE Credits: 4 in-person/5 online