Right Here, Right Now: Decreasing Health Disparities by Increasing Awareness of Implicit Bias*

For more information or to schedule this course, contact: Patricia Devine, devine@uw.edu.

Implicit bias contributes to health disparities, even when healthcare professionals strive to treat everyone fairly. Understanding the origins and implications of the bias leads to more equity in health care. This face-to-face session includes discussion and case scenarios to illustrate the issues.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this session the participant will be able to: 1) Define Implicit Bias 2) Discuss the negative impact of clinician implicit bias and stereotyping on patient care 3) Cite evidence related to decreasing disparities in care by increasing awareness of implicit bias 4) Develop a site specific plan to reduce the occurrence and impact of implicit bias and stereotyping

10 minutes - Welcome and Introductions
10 minutes - Video: "Dateline NBC: Testing for a Hidden Racial Bias"
15 minutes - What is Implicit Bias? How does it differ from conscious bias?
30 minutes - The Implicit Association Test + discussion
05 minutes - Break
15 minutes - Negative impact of clinician implicit bias on healthcare
20 minutes - Small Group Discussion: case-based scenarios
10 minutes - Report from group
05 minutes - Wrap up + Evaluation

Facility Requirements  
Requires instructor computer and projector with internet access, and speakers for sound for video tape. Classroom seating is preferred.

MLA CE Credits: 2