Available Until 6/14/2027

Suicide Risk Assessment: Tools for Providers and Resources for Patients

For more information or to schedule this course, contact: Patricia Devine, devine@uw.edu.

In this face-to-face course, healthcare professionals learn how to assess suicide risk in patients, use professional assessment tools and refer patients to support resources, including the role libraries and librarians can play in recovery.

Site URLhttps://nnlm.gov/classes/suicide-risk-assessment

Learning Objectives

1)   Describe pending changes in Washington State Department of Health Suicide Prevention continuing education requirements;

2)   Identify and access reliable information to assist in screening and referral of suicide risk in patients;

3)   Demonstrate suicide prevention techniques for use in clinical settings;

4)   Recommend resources for patient and family education and support


5 minutes - Introduction and objectives
15 minutes - RCW strategies to reduce suicides in Washington State, Prevention training, Statewide prevention plan, Consultation program
20 minutes - Resources for Providers, SAMHSA, Suicide Assessment, Five-Step Evaluation and Triage
15 minutes - Resources for Patients, Community Engagement, Understanding and Respect of Risks, Assurance we are not afraid to talk about it, Appropriate sources
5 minutes - Wrap up and questions

Facility Requirements  
Requires instructor computer and projector with internet access. Classroom seating is preferred.

MLA CE Credits: 1