Available Until 12/31/2028

Getting Started with Information Outreach in Your Community*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact the NNLM Training Office at nto@utah.edu..

This interactive class will provide a background in cultural competence and outreach skills as librarians make outreach efforts to underserved, underrepresented minority populations in their community. The goal of this course is to offer concrete ideas to enable librarians to initiate outreach programs with these populations. Topics to be covered include locating community demographics, the importance of developing relationships, the basics of building and developing community-based partnerships, recognition and acceptance of cultural differences, and the importance of cultural competency. Some basic concepts of program planning and evaluation within a culturally diverse environment will be covered. Participants will engage in group discussions to explore models for developing their own programs.

This course can be divided into 1-4 hour sessions. As a Webinar: 1-2 hour; face-to-face: 2-4 hour; and may be tailored to specific audience needs.

Learning Objectives

  • Define cultural competence

  • Apply principles of cultural competence in outreach programs

  • Examine ways to learn about local communities

  • Learn about strategic collaboration

  • Outline the steps in developing an outreach plan


30 minutes Welcome and introduction

40 minutes Overview of cultural competence/Activity 1 (Barnga or Diversity Bingo)

40 minutes Finding demographic information about your community/Activity 2 (Looking for demographics)

20 minutes Break

20 minutes Overview of outreach

30 minutes Methods for strategic collaboration

45 minutes Activity 3 - Planning an outreach activity

15 minutes Wrap-Up/Questions/Evaluation

This class is region-specific, tailored to the participants.

Facility Requirements  
The room should be set up in tables with 4-5 seated at each table or have the flexibility for participants to break into groups of 4 - 5. Also needed is a computer, projector and screen.

MLA CE Credits: 1, 2, 3, or 4