Available Until 10/31/2028

Practically Imperfect: Teaching & Supporting Research Data Management*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Jennifer Dinalo <dinalo@usc.edu>.

Data management is more than a standard part of a research protocol – it is the foundation for evidence-based practiceThere are education and support opportunities among a spectrum of users including students, residents, junior faculty and primary investigators across the health sciences. This workshop will provide an introduction to best practices in research data management throughout the research data lifecycle. 

Instructors will first provide an overview of research data management focused on the research data lifecycle and funder mandates, mainly the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Best practices in research data management will focus on research planning, data capture tools and the basics of data management plans. Workshop will be a mix of lecture and hands-on activities. Each activity will be followed by a short discussion period. Activities will revolve around the development of a clinical research project based on a provided scenario. Participants will be able to incorporate this knowledge into their existing research workflows and will gain tools and exercises that can be used to educate graduate and undergraduate medical students. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify funder mandates for data sharing 
  2. Write effective data management plans 
  3. Document data for replication, publication, and sharing 
  4. Identify apps and tools for data capture


Introduction (5 minutes) 

Gallery Walk & Lecture: Data Management in the Research Cycle (15 minutes) 

Lecture: Metadata (10 minutes) 

Individual Work on Metadata & Debrief (20 minutes) 

Debrief/Discussion (10 minutes) 

Scavenger Hunt: Find Data Management Requirements in NIH Funding (10 minutes) 

Think-Pair-Share Discussion (10 minutes) 

BREAK (10 minutes) 

Lecture: Examples of Data Management Plans in Research Protocols (15 minutes) 

Small Group Activity: Writing Data Management Plans (30 minutes) 

Discussion (10 minutes) 

Lecture: Data Capture Tools (15 minutes) 

Discussion (10 minutes) 

Total Time: 180 minutes 

MLA CE Credits: 3