Chemicals and Drugs in PubMed and Toxnet*

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The goal of this class is to provide librarians with an introduction to the information resources on drugs and chemicals that are available through Toxnet. Although it might appear to be a single database (and it can be searched that way), the Toxnet umbrella actually contains multiple databases and websites. Some of these databases contain point of care or consumer health information, while some contain more specific scientific data or academic articles. The key challenge in accessing information through Toxnet is knowing to which database to use for what purpose and how to use the various resources effectively. The course will also cover the use of some drug- and chemical-specific field tags for PubMed.

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Learning Objectives:

Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Use chemical- and drug-specific field tags in PubMed
  • Describe some of the specific information resources available through Toxnet.
  • Locate appropriate Toxnet databases for consumer health, point of care, and research purposes
  • Perform searches and locate further training on using these resources.


  • Chemicals/Drugs in PubMed (½ hour)
  • Introduction to Toxnet (½ hour)
  • Finding academic articles in Toxnet (45 minutes)
  • Finding Point of Care/Consumer Health Information in Toxnet (45 minutes)
  • Exercises (1 hour)
  • Break/Wrap-up (½ hour)

MLA CE Credits: 4