Beyond PRISMA-- Health Research Reporting Guidelines: Your new secret weapon! - November 2019

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How often have you been asked for guidance from a medical student or resident who wants to submit a case study to a journal? Maybe a systematic review team member has asked for help with a data extraction form?  Or you've been asked to lead journal club—now what?

This webinar will take you beyond PRISMA by introducing you to the family of health research reporting guidelines and discuss the ways in which they can be used for more than just reporting. We will also examine study execution assessment tools. As I discuss the ways I have incorporated reporting guidelines into my practice, I'd love to learn what you have tried and what ideas this presentation sparks in you!

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Course Objectives:

Webinar participants will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of health research reporting guidelines;
  • Differentiate between reporting guidelines and study execution standards;
  • Identify the clearinghouse for reporting guidelines;
  • Help users choose the appropriate reporting guideline(s) for a research article.


Getting started, Introductions, Objectives & Agenda: 5 minutes (lecture)

Introduction to reporting guidelines: 5 minutes (2 polls)

Introduction to reporting guidelines: 4 minutes (Q&A/chat)

Introduction to reporting guidelines: PPT: 8 minutes (lecture)

What’s wrong with our current practice of health research reporting?: 3 minutes (lecture)

EQUATOR Network: PPT & site demo: 5 minutes

Quiz #1: 2 minutes

Who developed the reporting guidelines: 6 minutes (lecture)

 One size does not fit all!:6 minutes (lecture)

Difference between reporting quality and study execution quality: 5 minutes (lecture)

Quiz #2: 2 minutes

Ways to incorporate reporting guidelines into our practice: 12 minutes (lecture)

Suggestions for in-class exercises: 6 minutes (lecture)

Evaluate reporting in a section of an article: 10 minutes (Exercise & Q&A/chat)

Reporting guidelines for library research: 6 minutes (lecture)

Final questions, wrap-up: 5 minutes

MLA CE Credits: 1.5