ABCs of DNA: Unraveling the Mystery of Genetics Information for Consumers - March 2020

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Genetics is increasingly becoming a factor in diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases as well as frequently seen in headline news. Librarians working with the public need to be aware of issues surrounding genetics and resources to assist patrons in locating and evaluating sometimes complex and confusing information associated with their health. The class will cover genomic health literacy and provide reliable resources regarding health conditions with a genetic component, privacy, genetic testing, and precision medicine. This class is intended for public library staff, health science librarians and those working in organizations who work with the public.

Upcoming Course Offering March 2020

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Learning Objectives

  • Explore the importance of genomic health literacy
  • Explore direct-to-consumer genetic testing and discuss benefits and concerns as they relate to individuals and families
  • Synthesize genomic health information to design an opportunity to support community awareness, education and knowledge about genetics and health
  • Review genetic health information resources and process scenarios using resources to support community needs/questions
  • Identify significant ethical, privacy, security, and social issues associated with genomic discoveries and create an obtainable activity for libraries to build community awareness around those issues


Week 1: Genomic Health Literacy | Genetic Testing

Week 2: Consumer Resources

Week 3: Precision Medicine | Privacy, Security, Ethical and Societal Issues

Week 4: Final Project and Wrap Up

MLA CE Credits: 8