Becoming an Informed Healthcare Consumer: Deciphering Insurance, Choosing Providers, and More*

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This course introduces resources designed to boost health insurance literacy, assist with locating a healthcare provider/hospital/clinic, and support patient safety. Participants will explore resources through a variety of activities that should facilitate reflection and engagement with the healthcare system.

Learning Objectives:

Participants will be able to: 

  • Appraise options available for locating and assessing healthcare providers and facilities
  • Discuss issues surrounding patient safety
  • Utilize resources presented to explore the health insurance landscape


10 minutes     

Welcome & Introductions


50 minutes     

Finding a Healthcare Provider (hands-on exercises / group discussion and demos)


30 minutes           

How does your provider rate? (hands-on exercises / group discussion)


10 minutes             



40 minutes             

Health Insurance 101 (online quiz / group discussion)


40 minutes             

Resource Exploration (hands-on exercises / group discussion and demos)