2020 Science Boot Camp*

For more information on, or to schedule this course, please contact Martha Meacham at martha.meacham2@umassmed.edu.

2020 Science Boot Camp is an immersive, virtual program, featuring educational presentations on scientific and medical topics, and has been successfully offered annually in the New England region since 2009. Local faculty and researchers from the New England area are invited to provide overviews of their
disciplines and discuss current research. This virtual event will cover the topics of Virology, Vaccines, Maker spacers, and IRBs.

Course URL: https://sites.google.com/view/nesciboot/home 

Learning Objectives: 

Particicipants will be able to: 

  • Explain the structure of the field and its foundational ideas
  • Understand and be able to use terminologies for the field
  • Identify the big questions that this field is exploring
  • Discuss new directions for research in this field
  • Discuss what questions research in this field is addressing
  • Understand how research is conducted, what instrumentation is used, and how data is captured
  • Identify how researchers share information within their fields beyond publications
  • Share insights into what current research in the field is discovering and implications of these discoveries
  • Share insights into how researchers in specific fields collaborate with librarian subject specialists now and how they might collaborate in the future.
  • Identify new ways that librarians can support their research communities


All sessions will be presented virtually through the WebEx platform

11am-12pm Virology - guest lecture
12pm-1pm Lunch - Front line Stories - pre recorded talks
1pm-2pm Vaccines - Guest lecture
2pm-3pm Front line Stories - pre recorded talks
3pm-4pm Making Health Devices in non-industrial settings - panel of speakers
4pm-5pm Front Line Stories - pre recorded talks
5pm-6pm IRB and human subjects research in the shifting landscape - panel of speakers

MLA CE Credits: 8