Available Until 11/13/2023

Fundamentals of Medical Librarianship*

For more information on this course, or to schedule, please contact Christina Pryor at pryorc@missouri.edu.

The foundation of this class is to explore the role that health information, services, and programs can play in all types of libraries. This course will also cover trending and relevant topics in the health and medical fields. This course does not have an assigned primary textbook but we will utilize a variety of articles, recordings, and other resources to explore the course material. We will have a number of hands-on assignments that will help you become familiar with how health and medical information plays a role in librarianship.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the many ways that health and medical information can be a part of librarianship.
  2. Explore database and health information electronic resources.
  3. Investigate a variety of topics that impact the health of library communities.
  4. Understand the concept of health literacy.
  5. Create a plan for a library program, service, or resource to improve health outcomes based on demonstrated community needs.


Sequence of topics by week or class session:

 1: August 24-30

  • Introductory week
  • Basics of health information and librarianship
  • Introduction to the medical terminology and jargon

 Online Live Class: August 25 from 7-7:50 pm CT

 Discussion Board


2: August 31-September 6

  • Evaluating health information
  • Introduction to MeSH

Discussion Board


3: September 7-13

  • Public Libraries and Partnerships

Online Live Class: September 8 from 7-7:50 pm CT

 Discussion Board

 Careers in Health and Medical Librarianship Exercise due 9/13 by 11:59 pm CT


4: September 14-20

  • Introduction to health disparities
  • Health disparities in our communities

 Discussion Board


5: September 21-27

  • Academic health sciences librarianship
  • Systematic reviews

 Online Live Class: September 22 from 7-7:50 pm CT

 Discussion Board

 Implicit Bias and Health Disparities Exercise due 9/27 by 11:59 pm CT


6: September 28-October 4

  • Academic health sciences librarianship continued
  • Instruction and liaison services
  • Programming in academic health sciences libraries

 Discussion Board


7: October 5-11

  • Health and wellness in specialized libraries and agencies

 Online Live Class: October 6 from 7-7:50 pm CT

 Discussion Board

 Community Population Investigation due 10/11 by 11:59 pm CT


8: October 12-18

  • Health and wellness in K-12

 Discussion Board


9: October 19-25

  • Library resources and collections

 Discussion Board


10: October 26-November 1

  • Marketing/outreach
  • Disaster and crisis support

Discussion Board

 Electronic Resource Analysis due 11/1 by 11:59 pm CT


11: November 2-8

  • Management and administration

Discussion Board


12: November 9-15

  • Health and medical information in the news

Discussion Board


13: November 16-22

  • Social and policy issues in health and wellness

Discussion Board


November 23-29

Thanksgiving Break

No coursework assigned


14: November 30-December 6

  • New roles and the future of health and wellness information in libraries.

 Discussion Board

 Support Project Proposal due 12/6 by 11:59 pm CT


15: December 7-10

  • Support organizations and continued education opportunities

Discussion Board

MLA CE: 24