Advanced Searching Instructor-Led Courses Series 2021

Expert Searchers know they are never done developing and extending their expertise. MLA will offer two advanced searching courses taught by experts that will enable you to take your searching skills to new heights.

The courses are expanded versions of sold out, face-to-face courses offered at MLA annual conferences. . . at lower cost and greater length than the originals.

The courses offer a small class experience

  • Seats are limited (20 students maximum)
  • Two live sessions plus readings, assignments, and discussions outside of the sessions
  • All live session times are 10:00am-12:30pm central time
  • Each course is 8 MLA CE credits
  • These courses are for advanced searchers. Participants should have basic knowledge of databases (Boolean operators, thesaurus (MeSH) terms and syntax), and experience searching databases such as MEDLINE / PubMed.

Each course stands alone. Together, they constitute a powerful course of study in advanced searching.

To make it easy for you to take both courses, we offer the Advanced Searching Instructor-Led Courses Series, which lets Members save $50 and Non-Members, $100 by purchasing the series.

The series option ends on 4/13, when the first course begins, or when a course is fully enrolled.

(The courses are not included in the CE Passport.)


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Advanced Search Techniques and Resources for Systematic Reviews and Other Evidence Syntheses 2021

Learn advanced techniques for building search strategies for systematic reviews and other major search projects.
Information Services MLA
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Advanced Search Strategy Design for Complex Topics: Strategy Development Including Text Mining 2021

Learn advanced techniques for designing and structuring search strategies for systematic reviews and other major search projects that address complex topics.
Information Services MLA