Available Until 11/30/2022

Telehealth and Health Libraries: The Intersection of Digital Health Partnerships*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Ragan DuBose-Morris at duboser@musc.edu

This course will provide an overview of the current state of telehealth education within academic and health information settings. The course will apply principles of community-based research to discussions about the support for additional clinical, research and education services. Resources will be shared to spur the development of programs that leverage the expertise and resources associated with health libraries, academic health centers and telehealth services.

Learning Objectives: 

Learners will acquire common terms related to the provision of telehealth services. They will be able to apply digital health concepts in community and academic health settings. Learners will be able to define examples of partnerships that support digital health activities across institutions.

MLE Credits: 1.0