Available Until 9/30/2022

Yoga for Mindfulness and Self Care*

For more information on this course, please contact Jamie Bloss at blossj19@ecu.edu.

Yoga for Mindfulness and Self Care: Using the Tools of Yoga to De-Stress, Connect, and Tap into our Inner Calm

In this 1.5-hour workshop we will learn what yoga is, debunk any myths about yoga, do several self-reflective activities together, and learn about the benefits of yoga which include both physical and mental benefits. We'll talk about how using yogic practices can help with mindfulness and stress management in the workplace. The 8 limbs of yoga will be applied to the workplace and examples will be given of how we can practice them in our everyday lives.

The first 40 minutes will be a lecture and workshop with time to reflect and discuss during some activities. Then there will be time for questions (about 5 minutes). After the didactic lecture portion, we will practice together and do a 45-minute chair yoga class. The class will be accessible for a wide variety of practitioners and set at a beginner level.

Course URL:  https://jamiebloss.wordpress.com/ and my page on the Yoga Alliance website: https://www.yogaalliance.org/TeacherPublicProfile?tid=299532

Learning Objectives:

  • Name some of the benefits of a yoga practice, both physical and mental
  • Recognize the 8 limbs of yoga and give examples of how they can be applied in a workplace scenario
  • Give examples of what equanimity means in everyday life


  • 40 minutes: lecture and workshop with journaling and self-reflection, discussion 
  • 5 minutes: Q&A 
  • 45 minutes: instructor-led chair yoga practice

MLA CE Credits: 1.5