Preprints: Accelerating Research – On Demand*

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What are preprints, and how are they changing how biomedical research results are shared?  

Should you use information from preprints? Should you share your own research results in a preprint?  

This one-hour, self-paced online course from the National Library of Medicine® explores the benefits and considerations of using and submitting preprints.

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Learning Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to: 

  • Define the relationship between the preprint and the final paper 
  • Explain the roles of preprints in the research cycle 
  • Name key distinction between a preprint and an accepted author manuscript / published article 
  • List three other possible differences between a preprint and the final paper 
  • List benefits of using preprints in your work 
  • List challenges associated with using preprints in your work 
  • Outline considerations for using preprint information 
  • List the main preprint repositories relevant to you 
  • Explain the preprint content in PMC relevant to you 
  • Properly cite a preprint 
  • List considerations in identifying an appropriate preprint repository to deposit your work 
  • Explain the difference between a Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) vs. public domain 


Four self-paced sections:  

  1. What is a Preprint? 
  2. Should I Use a Preprint? 
  3. Where can I Find Preprints? 
  4. How do I Submit a Preprint? 

MLA CE credits: 1.0