Available Until 10/4/2022

Decoding Copyright: A Guide to Legal Issues in Medical Librarianship from Fair Use to Force Majeure*

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Legal issues permeate every aspect of medical librarianship. From collecting materials and offering instruction sessions to supporting researchers as they make and share their work, medical librarians need to know the fundamentals of copyright law and how they apply in a variety of situations. This course introduces the law and prepares medical librarians to spot legal issues and navigate common scenarios with confidence.

In addition to introducing copyright issues for medical librarianship, this course will also offer a short introduction to legal issues in publishing including understanding publishing contracts and compliance with NIH mandates for open sharing. Overall, this course will prepare you to understand legal issues so you can make good decisions in the library and support open access and data sharing across the field.

Resource URL: https://macmla.libguides.com/c.php?g=1142336&p=8334323

Learning Objectives

  • Describe fundamental issues in copyright law as they apply to the practice of medical librarianship
  • Apply copyright's limitations and exceptions in their work and offer guidance in their areas to health care professionals, including researchers and instructors
  • Analyze publication contracts and apply legal principles to assure that NIH requirements are met


  • Welcome/Ice Breaker (10)
  • Copyright Fundamentals and Relationship with Librarianship (45)
    • Information
    • Libraries and copyright
    • Exercise: “Local policy”
  • Break (10)
  • Using Existing Work: Three Questions (60)
    • Who is the rightsholder - limitations
    • Exceptions
    • Permission - CC
    • Exercise: “Can I use these three items”
  • Break (10)
  • Publishing and Funder Mandates (60)
    • Contract Law 101
    • Informal: preprints, TOS
    • Publishing and OA
    • Funder Mandates: NIH
    • Exercise: Review Publication Agreements
  • Final Questions and Wrap-Up (30)

MLA CE Credits: 4