Available Until 3/15/2023

Systematic Reviews: Opportunities for Librarians - Ann Arbor, MI

For more information or to schedule this course, contact: Emily C. Ginier, MLIS, eginier@umich.edu.

The Systematic Reviews: Opportunities for Librarians course is offered in a blended format. The online component takes place asynchronously in a learning management system. Participants explore ten learning modules with corresponding activities designed to establish a foundation of the systematic review process. The workshop culminates in a live, multi-day workshop that provides ample opportunities for discussion and questions. Participants learn about best practices for systematic reviews and tips for handling challenging situations that may arise during systematic review projects. The workshop covers topics across the systemic review project life-cycle including protocol writing, team development and dynamics, systematic searching, reporting according to PRISMA-S, and critical appraisal of systematic reviews. Participants will write an action plan to help them apply what they have learned to their future systematic review work.

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Upcoming Offering: March 15–April 20, 2023

Learning Objectives:

Understand the purpose and methodological characteristics of systematic reviews and the relevant standards

Apply best practices to the development and reporting of literature searches

Utilize appropriate resources and methods for data management and delivery

Understand the importance of communication and role negotiation in collaborative literature search projects

Develop an implementation plan that combines individual skills and institutional knowledge to help achieve systematic review-related goals


8 online modules that consist of a recorded lecture and an accompanying activity will be completed in advance of two-day in-person workshop. A capstone project that requires participants to construct a comprehensive search in PubMed is also required during the online component of the course. The online modules include:

  • Introduction to Systematic Reviews (10 min)
  • Interview with clinician (5 min)
  • Roles and Teams (13 min)
  • Starting Your Search (13 min)
  • Refining Your Search (7.5 min)
  • Grey Literature and Unpublished Studies (9 min)
  • Interview with epidemiologist (8 min)
  • Bias and Systematic Reviews (8 min)
  • Protocols, Data Management, and Deliverables (10.5 min)
  • Writing the Methods and Authorship (6 min)

Each session includes some didactic instruction with slides and a group activity or discussion.

Day 1

9:30-10:00 am Optional Coffee & Tea Chat with Instructors (Networking, Q&A)
10:00-10:55 am Welcome Getting Involved & Project Planning (Slides, Rapid Fire Scenario Activity)
11:05 am -12:00 pm Protocols (Slides, Group Activity)
2:00-2:55 pm Search Translation Supplemental Strategies (Slides, Group Activity)
3:05-4:00 pm Filters & Limits (Slides, Padlet Activity, Discussion)

Day 2

9:30-10:00 am Optional Coffee & Tea Chat with Instructors (Networking, Q&A)
10:00-10:55 am Peer Review of Electronic Search Strategies (Slides, Group Activity)
11:05 am -12:00 pm Capstone Debrief Reflection Activity (Slides, Liberating Structure)
2:00-2:55 pm Deduplication and Search Updates Screening (Slides, Poll Activity)
3:05-4:00 pm Data Management and Sharing (Slides, Rapid Fire Scenario Activity)

Day 3

9:30-10:00 am Optional Coffee & Tea Chat with Instructors (Networking, Q&A)
10:00-10:55 am Writing the Methods (Slides, Group Activity, Rapid Fire Scenario Activity)
11:05 am -12:00 pm Appraising and Interpreting Systematic Reviews (Slides, Group Activity)
2:00-2:55 pm Saying No Project Management & Assessment (Slides, Discussion)
3:05-4:00 pm Action Plan Conclusion and Farewell (Slides, Individual Action Plan Writing)

MLA CE Credits: 20