Available Until 8/1/2023

Librarians Are Teachers: Applying Theory to Help Adults Learn*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Lauren Hays at lauhays@ucmo.edu . 

As a librarian, you are a teacher. In just about everything you do, from answering reference questions, doing library orientation sessions, and responding to search requests, to formal teaching, you teach. And you teach adults. This webinar will show you how to apply the work of major adult learning theorists, particularly Malcolm Knowles’s work on andragogy, to improve your teaching in all settings. You’ll leave with practical ideas that help you teach more effectively and with greater personal satisfaction.

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Learning Objectives

1) Apply learning theories to address specific problems and characteristics of adult learners in a range of settings

2) Create effective instruction for adults

3) Reflect on their own teaching strategies and modify them to be more effective



MLA CE Credits: 1.5