Available Until 4/17/2023

Teaching and Leading EBP: A Workshop for Educators and Champions of Evidence-Based Practice - April 2023


For more information on this course, please contact Sarah Cantrell sarah.cantrell@duke.edu.

This workshop is an intensive and interactive 4-day session designed to develop the knowledge and skills required to practice and teach evidence-based medicine. Sessions will feature a mix of both small and large group discussions, interactive lectures, and case-based studies. Participants will spend 36 hours in active and assigned course work.

Upcoming Course Offering April 17 - 20, 2023

Course URL: https://sites.duke.edu/ebmworkshop/

Who should attend:

Clinical educators and clinicians in teaching or leadership roles in medical schools, residency programs, or clinical practice, who wish to improve their skills as practitioners, educators, and leaders of evidence-based clinical practice.

Learning Objectives:

  1. To train leaders in medicine to facilitate evidence-based clinical practice in their teaching and practice settings.
  2. To practice the skills involved in evidence based clinical practice including clinical question formation and acquisition of medical evidence from the literature.
  3. To review and develop critical appraisal skills and application of available evidence to patient care and medical education.
  4. To provide interactive experience with a variety of evidence-based resources guided by medical center library staff with expertise in evidence-based practice.

The workshop curriculum addresses two broad areas:

1. Evidence-based Medicine content in large group

  • Clinical question formation
  • Searching for, selecting, and obtaining the evidence
  • Critical appraisal
  • Practical clinical epidemiology
  • Application of evidence to clinical care

2. Teaching skills in small groups

  • Principles of effective EBM teaching
  • Small group teaching exercises with mentors
  • Evaluation of performance and self assessment
  • Searching EBM resources with library mentors
  • Evaluating resources


Welcome & Introduction to EBM – Sheri Keitz, MD, PhD

Large Group Session: Therapy – Daniella Zipkin, MD and Poonam Sharma, MD

Small Group Session: Introductions and Tutor-Trainee “See One” Presentations


Small Group Session: Librarian Presentation

Small Group Session:  “EBM Grab Bag” and Planning the Week

Independent Study

Welcome Reception

Continental Breakfast

Large Group Session: Randomization–Juan Lozano, MD, MSc

Large Group Session: Diagnosis–Rose Hatala, MD, MSc

Small Group Session


Optional Concurrent Sessions or Independent Study

Small Group Session

Continental Breakfast– Trent Semans Center

Large Group Session: Study Designs and Harm/Risk–Ken Goldberg, MD and Luke Seaburg, MD

Small Group Session


Optional Concurrent Sessions or Independent Study

Small Group Session

Continental Breakfast

Large Group Session: Systematic Reviews,  Meta-analysis, and GRADE Criteria – Sheri Keitz, MD and Larry Young, MD

Large Group Session: Noninferiority Trials – Jeff Kushinka, MD, FACP

Small Group Sessions

Lunch – Trent Semans Center
Large Group Session: EBM Potpourri – Faculty-Modeled Teaching – led by Tutors, Tutor-Trainees, and Librarians

MLA CE Credits
: 32.5