Health Sciences Librarian Career Skills Packages


Have you changed your career focus or assumed new work responsibilities? 

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to gain new health science librarian core skills?

Do you want to develop new health science librarian skills and don’t know where to begin?  

Are you responsible for hiring or supervising health science librarians and seeking a simple, cost-effective way to address staffing challenges and upskill your staff?

The MLA Health Sciences Librarian Career Skills Packages may be just what you need.

The packages consist of on-demand self-paced courses and recorded webinars selected for their focus on common health science librarian roles, skill areas, and positions.

Package Features

  • It’s easy to identify courses needed to develop core skills/You save time and energy in identifying what you need to develop skill areas
  • Automatic tracking of completed courses, including courses completed prior to enrollment.
  • Recommended course order to help you build your skills in a meaningful way. Every package includes Getting Better at Everything You Do: Reflective Practice for Health Sciences Librarians and reflection questions for you to ponder before you begin a package, while you are taking package courses, and after you have completed a package. Getting Better is a catalyst to acquiring learning that sticks with you and to integrating your learning into your work setting and your personal goals.
  • Some packages include core readings and recommended NNLM courses.
  • A Certificate of Completion is available

HSL Skills Packages

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