Available Until 9/2/2027

Back to School: Enhance your Research with HSR Methods, Tools, and Resources from the National Library of Medicine


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact  Elizabeth Koechlein <liz.koechlein@academyhealth.org>.

This free  recorded webinar provides an overview of resources provided by the National Library of Medicine’s National information center on health Services Research (NICHSR) to support the HSR community. Developed with students and faculty in mind, the session will help students understand the field of Health Services research (HSR) and introduce resources to support coursework and independent research projects, with step-by-step instructions. Faculty will learn more about resources that can be integrated into lectures and support assignments. Specific NICHSR resources that will be covered include searching for HSR in PubMed, Health Services Research Information Central (HSRIC), Health Services Research Projects in Progress (HSRProj), and Health Services and Sciences Research Resources (HSRR).

Learning Objectives

After watching this seminar, you will be able to:

• Understand how the National Library of Medicine Supports Health Services Research;

• Conduct a structured search for HSR in PubMed;

• Understand ways to use HSRR and HSRIC, what they contain, and how they can inform your research; 

• Learn about the scope and contents of HSRProj, and ways to use HSRProj to inform your research. Education needs were determined through internal discussion about the needs of students new to health services research based on the experiences of librarians and AcademyHealth staff.


Introduction: 5 minutes by Erin Holve (slides)

Use Case I: problem based, case method: I’m a new graduate student starting out in the field of HSR, and I’d like to better understand the type of research that’s conducted in HSR, how problems are framed and which organizations are collaborating for research.
HSRIC- slides and demonstration, 8 minutes by Lisa Lang (slides, demonstration)
HSRProj- slides and demonstration, 8 minutes, by Liz Koechlein (slides, demonstration)
Reflection- dialog and discussion, 4 minutes, by Christiane Voisin (slides, discussion)
Use Case II: problem based, case method: I have been given an assignment to conduct a literature review related to health care delivery. Given how much literature is out there, I would like to know which resources are best to avoid purely clinical research results. How should I
conduct searches for this literature review focused on HSR?
PubMed- slides and demonstration, 8 minutes, by Lynn Whitener (slides, demonstration)
Grey Literature, 8 minutes, by Patricia Gallagher (slides, demonstration)
Reflection- dialog and discussion, 8 minutes, by Lisa Lang (slides, discussion)
Use Case III: problem based, case method: Toward the end of the semester I will assign a project for students to conduct analysis on secondary data. I would like to encourage them to find their own datasets. What resources should I share with them to help them find these datasets and plan and conduct analyses?
HSR Data Resources +HSRR- slides and demonstration, 16 minutes, by Lisa Lang and Lynn Whitener (slides, demonstration, discussion)
Reflection and discussion, 4 minutes, by Erin Holve (slides, discussion)
Questions: Response to questions submitted throughout the webinar, 20 minutes, by all participants. (interactive discussion)

Course url: http://www.academyhealth.org/professional-resources/training/prof-dev/back-school-enhance-your-research-hsr-methods-tools-and

MLA CE Credits: 1.5