Available Until 9/26/2023

Innovative Instruction: Increasing Engagement and Enhancing Learning*


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This class will show a variety of active learning strategies to enhance instruction delivered face to face, online, or in a blended setting. Topics covered include learning theory, instructional design, audience response systems, screencasting, and other technologies. The instructors will engage participants in discussions about their experiences with creating engaging instructional sessions while also modeling techniques they have used in their own classes.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how adult learning theory relates to active learning
  • Develop a plan for instructional sessions using ADDIE
  • Create learning objectives using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Design active learning activities
  • Discuss the pros and cons of using different instructional techniques
  • Name several tools for creating and enhancing instructional sessions
  • List formative and summative assessment techniques


1st hour
Presentation on adult learning theory, active learning principles, instructional design/ADDIE and Bloom’s Taxonomy
Activity #1 - Participants will begin creating a template for a future instructional session.
Stretching break

2nd hour
Presentation on making decisions on what contents to cover
Activity #2: Participants will work individually on a chart on making decisions on content for a future instructional session and share with the class.
Stretching break

3rd hour
Presentation on types of assessment
Activity #3 - Muddiest Points/minute paper
Demonstration of different audience response systems, screencasting tools, and other technologies
Activity #4: Participants will continue working a template and design assessment activity
Stretching break

4th hour
Presentation on active learning strategies for various teaching environments
Activity #5 - Participants will brainstorm on active learning activities in small groups and present those to the whole class.
Wrap up

MLA CE Credits: 4