Available Until 6/21/2027

STAPH (Sewell Travel Award for Public Health) Award to attend the American Public Health Association (APHA) Annual Meeting


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Virginia Pannabecker <vpannabe@vt.edu>.

Webinar participants will learn more about what the STAPH Award is, how to apply, and how using the award to attend the Annual meeting of the American Public Health Association can benefit one’s career as a librarian involved with public health.

Learning Objectives

  • Describe what the STAPH (Sewell) Award is and its requirements
  • Recognize benefits to one’s professional career regarding applying for and using the STAPH Award to attend the APHA annual meeting
  • Identify eligibility criteria and application process for the STAPH Award
  • Discuss the application process and strategies to facilitate a successful experience in: applying, identifying a mentor, attending the APHA annual meeting and meeting award reporting requirements
  • Have an opportunity to ask additional questions


OVERVIEW (10 min)
Slide about PH/HA
What is the Sewell Award?
Link to application form
Requirements of the Sewell Award
How can it help my professional career as a public health librarian?
Who is eligible to apply? Who should apply?
PARTICIPANT PANEL DISCUSSION(30 min) Introductions Ginny Preet STAPH Committee members 4-5 total panel members PANEL QUESTIONS Why did you decide to apply? Where was the APHA conference the year you attended? What sessions were you most drawn to? How did you find a mentor? How did you approach writing the summary after the meeting? Links to the past summaries What changed for you after attending APHA? What strategies did you use to keep you organized? What would you recommend to anyone considering applying for the award?
Q&A (20 min, with additional time as needed)

MLA CE Credits: 1