Available Until 12/31/2028

Advanced PubMed Techniques*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Rebecca Brown, MLS, rebecca.brown@utah.edu .

This PubMed face-to-face class will cover a number of advanced concepts that librarians can add to their PubMed toolkit. Upon completion of the session, attendees will be able to describe: the order of Automatic Term Mapping and the implications on searching; Author searching; Finding drug information to treat diseases; Pharmacologic action terms; Coordinating MeSH terms (like the Indexers do) to focus a search; Tools for finding Evidence Based Medicine in PubMed; Identify systematic reviews; Phrase searching and Customizing their My NCBI account. This session uses a mixture of lecture, demonstration, hands-on exercises. The class consists of lectures, demos, discussion and hands-on exercises.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • describe the order of Automatic Term Mapping and how it can affect search results
  • describe the format of the two Author Indexes
  • understand how to format author names in order to run an efficient author search
  • explain the meaning of pharmacologic action [PA] as used in the MeSH database
  • describe when to use a [PA] term versus a [MH] term
  • describe how to build searches to find citations about drugs to treat diseases
  • describe specific indexing techniques that can be used to search for citations about cancer.
  • explain how study design is indexed in MeSH to assist with identifying systematic reviews
  • describe the location of and how to use the phrase index


20 minutes Agenda and Introductions
20 minutes Automatic Term Mapping and your search results
10 minutes Author Indexes
15 minutes Author searching exercises
10 minutes Break
30 minutes Pharmacologic Action (PA and MH)
25 minutes Pharmacologic Action Exercises and Teachback
15 minutes Break
10 minutes Learning from Indexing Techniques: Finding Citations about Treating Diseases with Drugs and Diseases
10 minutes Learning from Indexing Techniques: Finding Citations about Cancer
15 minutes Hands-on Exercises: Diseases, Drugs, Cancer
10 minutes Break
30 minutes Evidence-Based Research tools in PubMed: Study Design Terms
10 minutes Finding Phrases in PubMed
10 minutes Q & A, wrap-up, Evaluation

MLA CE Credits:4