Available Until 10/31/2028

Advanced PubMed: MeSH*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Rebecca Brown, MLS, rebecca.brown@utah.edu .

This webinar covers several advanced concepts in the use of Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) for searching via PubMed. Topics include annual updates to MeSH, interpreting date information in the MeSH record, the effective use of subheadings, free floating subheadings, and how to coordinate a subheading and MeSH term when a word exists as both. This course is intended for those with at least beginning knowledge of PubMed and MeSH. This session uses a mixture of lecture, demonstration, hands-on exercises, plus a pre and post-test.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  • explain how annual changes to MeSH terms can effect a PubMed search.
  • explain two dates in MeSH record.
  • explain the difference between confusing MeSH terms
  • know which filters restrict to MEDLINE citations.
  • use strategies to apply subheadings to MeSH terms
  • describe when to use a subheading versus a MeSH term when a term is both.


0 – 5: Agenda, Introduction, Objectives, Pre-Test

5 - 20: What happens when MeSH terms are updated? (Lecture, Demonstration, Hands-On)

20 – 30: Commonly Confused Concepts (Lecture, Demonstration, Hands-On)

30 – 35: Which Filters restrict to MEDLINE citations? (Lecture, Demonstration)

35 – 55: Effective Use of Subheadings (Lecture, Demonstration, Hands-On)

55 – 65: Free floating subheadings (Lecture, Demonstration, Hands-On)

65 – 75: Commonly Confused Subheadings (Lecture, Demonstration, Hands-On)

75 – 90: Q & A, Post-Test, Evaluation

MLA CE Credits:1.5