Market It So They Will Come: Strategic Communication for Librarians

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Market It So They Will Come: Strategic Communication for Librarians draws you into a scenario in which you create marketing materials for a new library service. In the process, you develop transferable skills that help you generate ideas for marketing content, create powerful communications materials, identify and use communications channels, and evaluate the effectiveness of your efforts. You’ll also learn how to reuse your valuable materials to leverage time and resources for greater impact.

The course includes:

  • A realistic scenario that you engage to develop and practice strategic communication skills

  • A planning template you can use for any strategic communication effort

  • A strategic communication glossary

  • Pre and post self-assessments for your strategic communication skills


Learning Outcomes

After you complete the course you will be able to effectively market any program or service following a strategic communication process. You will be able to:

  • Ideate to identify the goal, talking points, story, and stakeholders for a marketing initiative

  • Create and Share marketing and communication content 

  • Preserve content so that you can reuse it 

  • Reuse content appropriately 

  • Evaluate marketing and communication efforts to determine their effectiveness



Any librarian or other health information professional, novice or veteran, who wants to develop core marketing and strategic communication skills.


MLA CE Credits 1.5


Subject Matter Expert

Erinn Aspinall, AHIP is the Associate Director of Program Development and Strategy at the University of Minnesota Health Sciences Libraries where she has been communicating strategically since 2015. Erinn increases the visibility of the libraries’ innovative work by managing the content of their three websites, writing news articles, coordinating social media efforts, and preparing strategic marketing materials. She has presented on the topic of strategic communications at an MLA Leadership Symposium (2019), an MLA CE course on Digital Storytelling (2018), and at the LibTech conference (2016).

The team that created Market It So They Will Come:

Erinn Aspinall, Subject Matter Expert

Devlin Peck (, Instructional Designer

Gail Kouame, MLA Leadership & Management Curriculum Committee Representative

Staff support:

Barry Grant, MLA Director, Education

Deb Cavanaugh, MLA Director, Professional Development


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  • Member: $85
  • Student Member: $43
  • Emeritus, Retired, Unemployed and Lower Dues: $43>
  • Nonmember: $115