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Genetics 101 (on-demand)*

Genetics 101 is an on-demand introductory Moodle course on the fundamentals of understanding genetics, specifically the Central Dogma of Molecular Biology. In this course, we will define what genetics is and its applications in human life; we will dissect and explain the central dogma of molecular biology in detail; we will cover the general anatomy of a “gene”, and finally, we will highlight the current challenges in biological data management. 

Resrouce URL:  https://www.nnlm.gov/training/class-catalog/genetics-101-0

Learning Objectives

  • Recall key terms, concepts, and applications of human genetics.
  • Describe the parts of the “central dogma of molecular biology”.
  • Identify the main components that make up the anatomy of a gene.
  • Utilize NCBI Nucleotide to search for basic genomic information.


Module 1

Introduction to the class

Basics of genetics and cell biology


Quiz and Assignment

Module 2



Demonstration of NCBI and Nucleotide websites

Quiz and assignment

MLA CE Credit: 4