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Community-Based Health Information*

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Introduction to consumer and public health information services and programs and their impact on community health. Emphasis on health information literacy, searching for evidence, evaluation of health information resources for consumers, healthcare providers, and public health personnel. Trends in community health information. Intended for students working in health-related environments such as health care services, libraries, and industry.

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Learning Objectives 

1. Identify key principles of consumer health, public health, and health literacy

2. Use appropriate terminology when delivering consumer and public health information services

3. Discuss the characteristics of the information behavior of health consumers, patients, caregivers, and public health personnel

4. Discuss the place of community health information in various types of information agencies, including libraries

5. Describe current public health issues and how to find related information to support public health personnel

6. Identify and evaluate consumer and public health resources

7. Discuss the role of the U.S. government in developing consumer health and public health resources and initiatives

8. Discuss trends in community health information


Weeks 1-2:  Module 1 - Introduction to Community-Based Health Information 

Weeks 3-5:  Module 2 - Consumer Health

Weeks 6-8:  Module 3 - Public Health

Weeks 9:  Module 4 - Government Initiatives and Community-Based Health Information

Week 10: Module 5 - Offering Community-Based Health Information

Week 11: Module 6 - Trends in Community Health 

Week 12: Module 7 - Summary of the Course and Final Projects  

Each module includes lectures, readings, learning activities, and Zoom sessions as appropriate. 

MLA CE Credits: 24