Available Until 2/7/2025

#citeNLM Wikipedia Edit-a-thons*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact the NNLM Training Office at nto@utah.edu

Wikipedia’s health topics pages are visited a staggering 7 billion times a year, making it possibly the world’s most popular health information resource. The objective of #CiteNLM is to improve the credibility and content of medical and health-related articles on Wikipedia by adding citations and information from National Library of Medicine (NLM) sources.

NLM is actively engaged in reaching a major strategic goal to “reach more people in more ways through enhanced dissemination and engagement pathways.”

By holding #CiteNLM Wikipedia Edit-a-thons, we can:

  • Make it easier to get credible, evidence-based health information online
  • Disseminate NLM sources and increase their reach
  • Leverage network members’ expertise, experiences, and audiences
  • Engage NNLM members nationwide

Our NNLM #CiteNLM campaigns run twice per year, Join NNLM staff members and Wikipedians virtually during our twice yearly one-day edit-a-thons, or host an event at your institution anytime during the campaign period. Check-out our Organizer’s Guide to learn how.

Resource URLs: 

https://nnlm.gov/training/class-catalog/nnlm-wikipedia-edit-thon (event page)
https://nnlm.gov/guides/wikipedia-edit-a-thon (resource guide)

Learning Objectives

By participating in a live, 2 hour interactive #CiteNLM Wikipedia edit-a-thon, attendees will be able to:

  • Recognize the ongoing #citeNLM Wikipedia project
  • Explain the importance of Wikipedia as a health information resource
  • Connect to a #CiteNLM edit-a-thon Dashboard
  • Find and edit a citation in a Wikipedia article
  • Consider ways they could host an edit-a-thon for their community
  • Add Wikipedia citations from trusted National Library of Medicine resources


  • Introductions and overview of #CiteNLM Wikipedia edit-a-thons: 15 minutes
  • How to edit Wikipedia: 15 minutes
  • Breakout 1 editing session: 30 minutes
  • Check-in and break: 15 minutes
  • Breakout 2 editing session: 30 minutes
  • Closing reflections & what's next: 15 minutes

MLA CE Credits: 2