Available Until 9/12/2025

How to Deliver Winning Webinars*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Jessi Van Der Volgen, AHIP at j.vandervolgen@utah.edu . 

Ready to feel more confident in teaching live, online classes? In this session, we'll learn about how the social, cognitive, and teaching elements of a class work together to create an impactful educational experience. We'll discuss how to apply the community of inquiry framework to live, online instruction. You’ll come away with ideas and tips you can implement in your next class to deepen student learning and make it more enjoyable for you as the instructor.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Describe the community of inquiry framework and how it can be applied to live online learning.
  2. Gain confidence in delivering impactful online learning.


0 - 10: Opener and Introduction (Demo & Discussion)

10 - 20: Overview of the Community of Inquiry (Lecture with participation)

20 - 40: Instructor presence (Lecture, individual practice, small group discussion)

40 - 45: Stretch Break

45 - 60: Social Presence (Lecture, discussion, reflection)

60 - 70: Cognitive Presence (Lecture, Discussion)

70 - 80: Overall tips for online instruction (Q&A, Discussion)

80 - 90: Revisiter (Group activity, Reflection, Individual practice)


MLA CE Credits: 1.5