Available Until 9/26/2025

Community Health Connections*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Carol Perryman at cperryman@twu.edu . 

Session 1

Introduction, overview of webinar series

Community-based librarianship

  •         Libraries and library staff as change facilitators
  •         Appreciative inquiry
  •         Asset-based community development
  •         Tools for community engagement
  •         The spirit of diversity and inclusion

Marketing basics

  •         Product, place, promotion, price, branding
  •         SWOT assessment
  •         PDSA cycle (Plan, Do, Study, Act)


Session 2

Consumer Health Basics: Confidentiality, literacy, and your community’s health

  •         Public libraries: strengths and challenges
  •         Helping people with health questions (guidelines and best practices)
  •         Ethics in action (ethical conduct, liability, disclaimers)
  •         Health literacy (low literacy, health impact, readability formulas and samples)
  •         Your community’s health (use of health rankings sites)

Marketing: Know your community

  •         Stakeholder engagement
  •         Data from the library and community organizations
  •         Identification of potential collaborators
  •         Positioning the library


Session 3

Consumer health information explorations, Pt 1

  •         Quality evaluation
  •         Health disparities
  •         Your community’s health
  •         TSLAC resources for consumer health


  •         Putting it all together: from health indicators to marketing plan
  •         Guest speaker: Sarah Fullwood, marketing & communications professional
  •         Programming examples & ideas


Session 4

Consumer health information explorations, Pt 2

  •         Health disparities & health information literacy, including intersectional disparities
  •         Telehealth: history, development, and use
  •         Web-based health information resources
  •         Resources for Spanish-speaking patrons
    • Barriers to access
    • Health literacy & family dynamics
    • Cultural competencies for Hispanic communities & health behaviors
    • The Referencia interview
    • Translator apps
    • TSLAC and medical terminology resources (English, Spanish, & other languages)
    • Social media and programming
    • Collection development


  •         Advocacy
  •         Storytelling
  •         Program marketing


Session 5

Telehealth 101: Implementing telemedicine in public libraries. Dr. Pam deGuzman, University of Virginia School of Nursing

Panel discussion

  •         Diane Connery, Director, Pottsboro Public Library
  •         Noah Lenstra, UNCG, Let’s Move in Libraries
  •         Sarah Fullwood, Marketing expert, Marketing tips & tools
  •         Henry Stokes, Library Technology Consultant, LDN, Texas State Library & Archives Commission, Library telehealth support & funding
  •         Katie Pierce-Farrier, NNLM Region 3, NNLM grants and educational support

Dr R. David Lankes, University of Texas, Austin, community advocacy

Wrap-up & assessment

Resource URL: [Pending] 

Learning Objectives

By the conclusion of the series, participants will:

  • increase knowledge of regional health indicators & disparities
  • be able to correctly identify quality health information. 
  • be able to correctly identify the literacy levels of materials.
  • increase awareness of technologies used to support community health.
  • learn marketing techniques they can use to reach their communities.
  • increase awareness of continuing education resources.
  • increase awareness of funding resources available.


Five separate Zoom sessions lasting up to four hours each are supported and enhanced by hands-on assignments and readings between sessions.

MLA CE Credits: 24