Available Until 1/9/2025

The All of Us Researcher Workbench: access diverse data and tools from the NIH Precision Medicine*

For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Ashley Green at NLMTrainers@nih.gov . 

The All of Us Researcher Workbench is the largest, most diverse biomedical and health data resource of its kind. Built in partnership with participants spanning different ages, races, ethnicities, and regions of the country, it currently includes physical measurements, surveys, wearables, electronic health records, and genomics. Join us as we learn about the participants, explore the data offered, and see how to start a research project using All of Us data and tools.

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Learning Objectives

As a result of this course, participants will:

  1. Describe what the All of Us Research Program is,
  2. List what kinds of data we offer, and
  3. Describe how to access these data

Identify tools on the public and workbench sites that are helpful for data exploration and analysis


0 – 3 mins: welcome/overview

3 – 5 mins: clinical cohort description

5 – 10 mins: data types – data pipeline

10 – 15 mins: Research Hub – links to training resources, research studies, updates on cohort and data collection

15 – 19 mins: Data Browser - data that can be accessed with the use agreement

19 – 23 mins: how to register for access to closed data

23 – 32 mins: Researcher Workbench – how to start a research project and use the cloud-based environment

32 – 37 mins: support resources for data access and coding; support hub for using the data, coding, and research project development

37 – 45 mins: discussion of how campuses are using the Researcher Workbench

45-60 mins: live Q & A

MLA CE Credits: 1.0