Available Until 3/29/2026

Health Stories in the Media*

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Clickbait, health influencers, advertorials – sometimes it’s tough to tell the difference between real news and unverified information in health stories we encounter in the media, yet that is often where we first learn about them.  This 4-week online class introduces the concept of news literacy and the environment of health reporting. You will learn about how health is reported in the news, sources journalists use, challenges in reporting health research, and how to evaluate the accuracy and validity of science and health stories. You’ll discover how to track down original research reported in the news, and use NLM’s Evaluating Health Information rating tool  to evaluate actual news articles and research reports. You will finish feeling better equipped to look more critically at health issues that are being reported in the news media.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Define news literacy
  2. Describe sources of health news stories
  3. List challenges journalists face in reporting health research
  4. Use a rating tool to analyze health news stories
  5. Identify the difference between health news stories and unverified information


  • Pre-test
  • Module 1 Reading & Activity
  • Module 2 Reading & Activity
  • Module 3 Reading & Activity
  • Module 4 Reading & Activity
  • Post-test

MLA CE Credits: 4