Available Until 9/27/2027

Research by Design: Proposing, Planning, and Carrying Out a Research Project for the Practicing Librarian


For more information or to schedule this course, please contactLorie Kloda <lorie.kloda@concordia.ca>.

This face-to-face workshop introduces participants to the steps in designing a research project: articulating the problem, formulating a research objective, reviewing the literature, designing the methods, and outlining the workplan and resources required. Using examples from health sciences librarianship, participants will explore different types of research projects accomplished by hospital and academic librarians as inspiration. In addition, workshop participants will learn practical strategies and tips for incorporating research into daily routines useful for those without extensive education or experience in research methods. Each participant will leave the workshop with an outline of steps for a research project, making it that much closer to a reality.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course participants will:

• Identify the steps required for a complete research plan

• Develop a draft research plan which includes the identification of the problem, the research objective, the method or design, and the time and resources required to complete the research

• Identify resources for assisting with designing research


8:00	Introductions - Outline of workshop

8:15	Why do I need a plan? - Research plan objectives (lecture and discussion)

8:30	What should I include in my plan? - Overview of research plan elements (lecture)

9:00	The research topic, problem, and objective (lecture)

Activity 1: Identify the topic, problem, and objective (individual, pair-share)

9:30	The literature review (lecture)

Activity 2: Identify relevant subjects and sources for literature and background information (reference interviews in pairs)

10:15	Break

10:30	Methods (lecture)

Activity 3: Select a population, brainstorm sampling, data gathering and analysis methods (group activity)

11:00	The work plan: Resources and timeline (lecture)

Activity 4: Identify resource considerations and create a timeline (individual, checklist and Gantt chart)

11:30	Wrap up and further resources


11:45	End

Facility Requirements

Computer and projector. Ideal learning space for small groups to interacts. Flipchart or whiteboard and markers.

MLA CE Credits: 4