Available Until 10/31/2027

Perspectives in Research Data Management*


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Kevin Read <kevin.read@med.nyu.edu>.

Rapid changes in funder and publisher requirements are creating new opportunities for librarians to play a central role in research data management. This face-to-face class will provide an introduction to the key topics underlying research data management and the current climate around data management and data sharing, as well as exploring ways in which libraries have become stakeholders in this area. Attendees will learn about the steps of the data lifecycle, the process and culture of different types of research, basic standards for data description and documentation, the key elements of a data management plan, and general methods for storage, archiving and sharing data. The second half of the course will prepare participants to provide services at their own institution through exercises, group discussion, and practical advice on how to get started. Participants will be led through an informationist case study to gain a deeper understanding of the role a librarian can play in research data management. Breakout groups will provide a forum for participants to discuss challenges and opportunities at their own institutions and to develop strategies for initiating data services.

Learning Objectives

To provide librarians with both the knowledge needed to provide research data management services and the comfort level and researcher-centric language to be able to bridge the barriers between researchers and librarians. 


Introduction – 10 mins
Definitions of data, data lifecycle and research data management - 10 mins
Incentives for research data management - 15 mins
Libraries and research data management - 10 mins
Standards for description and documentation - 30 mins
Storage, archiving and sharing - 15 mins
Components of a good data management plan - 15 mins Understanding your research community - 10 mins
Talking to researchers about data management - 10 mins Case Study: Individual Biomedical researcher - 45 mins - Identifying research issues and challenges of research data management - Interviewing a researcher about their data - Identifying data collection problems - Building a data dictionary - Reorganizing a file structure - Identifying data sharing issues and options
Understanding the institutional environment - 10 mins
Data Management Plans - 10 mins
Electronic Lab Notebooks - 10 mins
Broad concepts for education -- an outline of how to get started - 15 mins
Environmental scan activity (identify partners, audiences, existing services) – 20 mins
Conclusions/wrap up - 5 mins

Facility Requirements

Projector and laptop for instructors. Large notepads and markers for participants.

MLA CE Credits: 4