Available Until 4/28/2028

Library Instructional Design


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Mary Edwards <meedwards@ufl.edu> .

The Library Instructional Design (LID) CE face-to-face course provides training in planning, designing, implementing, and evaluating instruction and includes opportunities to share best instructional design practices among library instructors. The course includes lectures, discussions, learning activities, demonstrations, and showcases. Participants may receive reading and reflection activities prior to the session.

Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

• Explain how learning theory informs instructional design and delivery

• Describe basic instructional design models

• Discuss ADDIE and how it’s reflected in instructional design models

• Evaluate the relevance of instructional design models to typical library instruction topics

• Model and apply learner-centered instructional approaches in a variety of contexts

• Identify the components of a well-written learning objective

• Discuss elements of instructional content design and development

• Explain various definitions of assessment • Discuss how assessment is used in both the instructional design process and delivering instruction

• Describe several types of performance assessment tools that can be used in the classroom Potential Activities:

• Utilize what you know of learning theories and instructional strategies to create an instructional design outline

• Discuss teaching strategies best suited to library instruction

• Identify key instructional components within a lesson

• Write robust learning objectives (or outcomes) that will generate meaningful evidence of student learning

• Model and apply learner-centered instructional design approaches with your learning groups


Welcome and Introduction (ice breaker activity) – 20 minutes; 8:00-8:20
Learning Theories (lecture, chunking activity, and small group brainstorming activities) – 45 minutes; 8:20-9:05
10 minute break; 9:05-9:15
Introduction to Instructional Design (lecture and small group discussion/brainstorming activities) – 30 minutes; 9:15-9:45 
ADDIE and Instructional Design Models (lecture, discussion, differentiating activity, and small group brainstorming activity) – 70 minutes; 9:45-10:55
Lunch break – 1 hour; 11-12
Applying Instructional Design Principles - how the process works, designing and developing instructional materials – (lecture, discussion, and activities) – 80 minutes; 12-1:20
10 minute break; 1:20-1:30
Assessment- Assessing the ID process and assessing learning – (lecture, discussion, and rubric activities) – 80 minutes; 1:30-2:50
Wrap-Up – Summary, Next Steps, Final Questions (lecture and discussion) – 10 minutes; 2:50-3:00 

Facility Requirements

The instructors will need at least one computer with Internet access, working speakers, and a projector. Flexible seating that can be arranged according to the needs of various group activities is preferred. Flip charts and markers. Whiteboard if possible.

MLA CE Credits: 6