Available Until 8/7/2027

Embedded and Empowered: Making an Impact with Embedded Librarianship- a Face to Face Class


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Courtney Mlinar <mlinarklar@yahoo.com>.

This face-to-face course will discuss best practices and tools for embedded librarianship. We will explore how to initiate a collaborative relationship with faculty, medical teams or community organizations, and also teach you how to partner with them for better outcomes.

The role of the embedded librarian takes many forms – in higher education, community health organizations, support groups and businesses. Embedded librarianship can include team teaching a course, becoming an important part of an annual health event, integrating library resources into a course curriculum or even becoming a member of a medical research team. Participants will learn how to improve or build new relationships and become an integral part of the curriculum, event, or program of study. We will also learn how to use emerging technology tools in embedded librarianship for communication and collaboration. Participants will share and brainstorm ideas to empower embedded librarianship within our organizations.

Learning Objectives

• Discuss examples of best practices in embedded librarianship as to scope, sustainability and strategies used

• Use SWOT to analyze both their organizations and their present role within these organizations in small discussion groups

• Identify potential roles with partners within their organizations

• Create a plan of action to initiate new partnerships and sustain these roles within their organizations

• Learn strategies to measure or assess the values added to the organization with an embedded librarian

• Discuss and select technology tools or apps that can help with collaboration and communication within these new partnerships.


The course is divided into the following modules:

Embedded and Empowered:
Part I: Best practices (lecture with slides)(60 minutes), group discussion. SWOT analysis of our organizations (small groups with SWOT worksheet)(60 minutes) Part II: SWOT reports from small groups, SWOT worksheet for individual librarian, group discussion to identify potential roles from reports (simulation, role playing) (90 minutes);
Part III: Plan of action and assessment ideas(slides), small groups brainstorming and sharing of plans for action and assessment (90 minutes);
Part IV: Technology tools and apps for communication and collaboration (interactive poll, slides, role playing, group discussion) (45 minutes),
Conclusion (slides) (15 minutes)

Facility Requirements

Computer, Screen, Internet Access, Flexible seating for small group work, Cellphones/Laptops/Tablets to vote in Interactive Polls

MLA CE Credits: 6