Available Until 6/30/2027

Take Two Apps and Call Me in the Morning: Mobile Applications for Health and Wellness


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Emily Hurst <ejhurst@vcu.edu>.

Mobile applications are connecting more patients to health and wellness information but how can librarians help patients navigate the growing field of wellness applications? Across all mobile platforms health and wellness applications are some of the most popular and most frequently downloaded. By better understanding how to evaluate applications librarians can help patients make informed decisions about the apps they choose to download. This class will focus on providing an understanding of how to evaluate apps and provide information about recommended apps.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this class participants will:

  • Use criteria to evaluate health and wellness applications on various mobile platforms;

  • Understand the difference between health and wellness and medical apps;

  • Be aware of resources for staying up to date on apps for patients and consumers.


Introductions (10 minutes)
Mobile Access (10 minutes)
Mobile Applications Overview (30 minutes)
Activity 1: Think-Pair-Share (20 minutes) Discuss challenges faced when dealing with mobile applications. 
Break (10 Minutes)
Top Apps for Health and Wellness (10 minutes)
Criteria for evaluating apps (20 minutes)
Activity 2: Is this app any good? (30 minutes) Compare apps and discuss 
Resources (10 minutes)
Questions (5 minutes) 

Facility Requirements

Internet Instructor computer Projector Internet Access Bring Your Own Device is encouraged but not required

MLA CE Credits: