Available Until 7/26/2028

Coming to TERMS with Managing Electronic Resources*


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Christy Jarvis <christy.jarvis@utah.edu>.

Using the TERMS (Techniques for Electronic Resource Management) framework, this face-to-face class will focus on the selection, acquisition, licensing, accessibility, linking, branding, and evaluation of licensed electronic resources in a library setting. Covers the management of various e-content types, including books, serials, databases, multimedia, and citation indexes as well as tools used to manage the administrative metadata for electronic resources. Discusses trends and issues related to managing licensed electronic resources such as licensing, copyright, open access publishing, and purchasing models.

Learning Objectives

1. Summarize and explain the 6 workflows that comprise the TERMS framework for e-resource management

2. Become familiar with best practices for e-resource management and understand how to apply them in your own library

3. Design appropriate assessment tools and model licensing terms for use in your own library

4. Recognize issues relevant to e-resource management and know where to find information about them


Hour 1
What is electronic resource management? [Discussion]
Electronic resource management skills needed [Activity followed by discussion]
Role of e-resources in libraries [Discussion]
Library/vendor relationships [Role play activity]
E-Resource lifecycle [Discussion]

Hour 2
Identifying and selecting e-resources [Reading assignment followed by small group discussions]
Selection tools [Guided exercise]
Negotiating and licensing e-resources [Guided tour LIBLICENSE review]
Sample license review [Small group exercise]
Why does license negotiation matter? [Discussion]
Negotiation skills and strategies [Role Play]

Hour 3
Acquiring and implementing e-resources [Discussion]
Purchasing models [Case Report/Discussion]
Managing, administering, troubleshooting e-resources [Hands on exercise]
Branding and marketing e-resources [Small group activity]

Hour 4
Monitoring and evaluating e-resources [Discussion]
Use analysis and determining value [Case Reports / Small group project]
Renewing and canceling e-resources [Discussion and Exercise]
E-resource systems and tools [ Guided exercise]


Facility Requirements

Computers with Internet access

MLA CE Credits: 4