Available Until 6/30/2028

Do You Want to be a Library Director? Knowledge, Skills and Career Paths


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Mary Joan (M.J.) Tooey <mjtooey@hshsl.umaryland.edu>.

This face-to-face course is designed to inform, inspire or even dissuade MLA members who may aspire to become academic health sciences library directors. Changing MLA and AAHSL member demographics tell us that senior members of the profession are retiring or actively considering retirement in increasing numbers. This course introduces students to the leadership challenges in academic health sciences libraries and encourages students to assess their own career goals and readiness. It is the first in a continuum of leadership programs sponsored by AAHSL (i.e., MLA CE course, scholarships, fellowships, etc.). The course currently addresses four topics: leadership potential (what makes a great leader); what library directors do (including service as an interim director); what is the academic health center like (the hot topics in academic medicine and how they affect the library); and self assessment/awareness (how do I decide if a library directorship is right for me). The format for the course supports self-reflection, questions, and one-on-one time with library leaders. Opportunities to explore topics of interest to the learners are built into the course. The topic of interim directorships and the benefits of other experiential learning are included as pathways to directorships are explored. A web site developed specifically for the class serves as a primer for the course.

Resource url: http://www2.hshsl.umaryland.edu/mlace201/


10-10:15          Welcome/Introductions/Goals—name and institution (include selfie slide/acknowledge pre-class exercise/readings)

10:15-10:45     Sharing our leadership journey and reflection exercise

10:45-11:15     Knowing yourself - Are leaders born or made?

11:15-11:25     Leadership Exercise, Part 1

11:25-Noon     Public v. private environments / Culture and context

Noon-1:00       Lunch (one hour)

1-1:10pm         Review the morning, look at parking lot list

1:10-1:20         Leadership Exercise, Part 2

1:20-2:30pm    Resources

        1. People
        2. Funding
        3. Technology
        4. Bricks and mortar

2:30-2:45pm    Interim/Acting Role

2:45-3:00pm   Leadership Exercise, Part 3

3:00-3:15pm    Break

3:15-3:45pm    Institutional alignment and watching the horizon

3:45-4:45pm    Speed mentoring

4:45-4:55         Wrap Up: What do you do next?

4:55-5pm         Evaluations

Learning Objectives

Through inquiry, discussion, and information sharing, prepare individuals for determining interest and identifying next steps in becoming academic health sciences library directors.

  • Attendees will learn of resources and background information that can inform decision making for career advancement;

  • Attendees will learn from, and share with classmates about different paths to becoming a director;

  • Attendees will explore and discuss the leadership climate in academic health sciences librarianship;

  • Attendees will have an opportunity to hear of the challenges,rewards,and opportunities in academic health sciences libraries from experienced directors.

  • Attendees will be encouraged to examine their readiness and honestly assess their next steps in career advancement.

    Facility Requirements

    Classroom setting (tables and chairs); laptop computer; LCD projector and screen; flip charts. Seating for small group discussion is desired if room setting is not flexible for a break-out session.

    MLA CE Credits: 6