Available Until 4/20/2028

On the Horizon: Emerging Technology and Your Library


For more information or to scheudle this course, please contact Emily Hurst, ejhurst@vcu.edu.

Staying ahead of the latest technology trends is important for libraries. As new technologies continue to shape how learners access and use information, the library must stay ahead of the curve and be ready to incorporate new technology into library services and training. This face-to-face class will provide participants with an overview of how new technology is impacting education. Participants will engage with examples of new technology and be asked to think broadly about how technology can be used in educational settings.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing of this class participants will:

  • Be familiar with the Horizon Report and the Horizon Report for Libraries;
  • Understand how emerging technology impacts education and libraries;
  • Be able to think broadly about approaches to take to prepare their library for new technology.


Introduction (10 minutes)
Horizon Report (15 minutes) Overview of the report for the current year. Overview of library edition
3D printing (30 Minutes
Virtual Reality (20 minutes)
Robotics (15 minutes)
Activity (30 minutes) – Design for 3D printing/Robotics example
Beak (10 minutes)
Flipped Classroom (30 minutes)
Personalized Learning (15 minutes)
Preparing for Innovation at Your Institution (20 minutes)
Discussion Activity (20 minutes) How innovation is impacting your intuition, how can your library be involved?
Resources (10 minutes)
Questions (5 minutes)

Facility Requirements

Internet access Bring Your Own Device allowable Instructor Station Projector

MLA CE Credits: 4

Emily Hurst <ejhurst@vcu.edu> is the primary contact.