Available Until 9/2/2027

Applying Data Management Strategies: A Showcase of Data Management Projects


For more information or to schedule this course, please contact Lisa Federer <lisa.federer@nih.gov>.

Medical librarians in a variety of settings have opportunities to provide guidance and help with data management. This webinar, sponsored by the Medical Informatics Section, will showcase data management projects at three different libraries. The librarians will share their thoughts on developing services and opportunities and challenges for librarians interested in working with data management. Subjects include: Health Care Informatics; Technology/Systems; Data Management.

Participants will learn of current data or data management projects and services being offered from health sciences librarians working in these areas. It is anticipated that these examples could assist librarians considering ways to become more involved in data management topics. A question and answer period will follow the speakers.

Learning Objectives

Specific educational objectives include:

- To highlight data management projects from librarians and medical informaticists with a more advanced discussion and overview of the technologies and principles behind these projects.

- To educate the audience on how data management principles can be applied, using real projects as examples. The presenters will showcase a variety of data management projects and touch upon the principles utilized for each specific project.

- Share data management ideas/project among MIS members


	Introduction and welcome (Lisa Federer, moderator) 10 m
-	Data Management Projects Showcase
o	Developing and Implementing a Data Catalog (Kevin Read) 20m
o	Data Management Considerations for Clinical Trials (Margaret Henderson) 20m
o	Data Visualization (Marci Brandenburg) 20m
-	Q&A 20m

Facility Requirements

Participants will need a computer with an internet connection, capable of accessing WebEx. System requirements can be found at https://video.nih.gov/webex/#system-requirements.

MLA CE Credits: 1.5