Available Until 6/30/2024

A Librarian's Guide to Consumer Health (Formerly Beyond an Apple a Day)*

For more information or to schedule this course, contact the NNLM Training Office at nto@utah.edu.

This hands-on class will cover the health information seeking behavior of consumers and the role of the librarian in the provision of health information for the public. Come learn about the evolution of consumer health, health literacy and the e-patient. Participants will leave equipped with knowledge of top consumer health sites. We will discuss creative ideas for health information outreach. The class will wrap up with an opportunity to explore effective marketing approaches and develop an elevator speech.

Site URL: https://nnlm.gov/training/class-catalog/beyond-apple-day-providing-consumer-health-information-your-library

Learning Objectives:

This class will teach the basics of providing consumer health information at your library.  Areas covered are:

  • Learners will be able to explain how to review and compare consumer health resources and demonstrate knowledge of reputable, reliable resources through online class discussions and activities.
  • Learners will apply health literacy and public health content knowledge to use NLM resources to meet their unique community needs.
  • Learners will interpret demographic reports and recommend solutions.
  • Utilizing NLM resources, learners will develop a consumer health program that their library can use for promotion and community outreach.


Asynchronous online class - 4 week

Week 1

  • Module 1: Consumer Health
  • Module 2: Health Literacy
  • Take a Guess Activity
  • Module 1: Needs Assessment Activity
  • Module 2: Discussion
  • Module 2 Quiz

 Week 2

  • Module 3: Consumer Health Reference
  • Module 4: Planning a Consumer Health Information Service
  • Module 3: Reference Interview Activity
  • Module 4: Discussion

 Week 3

  • Module 5: Consumer Health on the Internet
  • Module 6: Outreach
  • Module 5: Searching for Health Information Activity
  • Module 5: Disclaimers Activity
  • Module 6: Outreach Activity

 Week 4

  • Module 7: Promoting Consumer Health Resources
  • Module 7: Promoting Consumer Health Resources Activity Question Post Survey
  • Beyond an Apple a Day – Class Overview 2
  • Completion/Evaluation

MLA CE Credits: 4