Available Until 10/15/2028

Electronic Resources: Negotiations and Licensing

For more information or to schedule this course, contact: Patricia Devine, devine@uw.edu.

Providing optimal access to electronic resources, including the ability to use subscriptions for resource sharing, in an important part of managing a medical library. Yet many librarians lack the skill of negotiating licenses. Learn how to understand the issues in this 4 hour face-to-face class.

Learning Objectives
Educational Objectives:Participants will 1) learn the basics of reading a vendor license to discern acceptable, negotiable, and unacceptable terms; 2) understand the goals and methods of price and license negotiation; 3) gain insight on issues involving licensed materials in libraries.

1:00-1:10: “Welcome and introductions
1:10-1:30: “ Hopes and fears exercise/discussion
1:30-2:00: “ Working with vendors: productive meetings and negotiations
2:00-2:30: “ Role-playing exercise
2:30-2:40: “ Break
2:40 - 3:15: “ Licensing basics
3:15-3:30: “ Sample license
3:30 - 4:15“ Tackling licenses exercise
4:15- 4:50: Further licensing issues and best practices discussion
4:50-5:00: Wrap-up and evaluations

Facility Requirements  
Projector and laptop

MLA CE Credits: 4