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American Indian Health Information Resources*

This Course has been archived and is no longer eligible to be scheduled.

This two or three hour hands-on class introduces a variety of governmental and non-governmental Internet resources that have health information for American Indian and Alaska Native populations. Students attending will be able to practice their skills in finding health information.

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Learning Objectives
Students who complete this program will be able to:    

  • identify and describe the National Library of Medicine’s American Indian health databases; 
  • compare strengths and weaknesses of American Indian health websites;    
  • utilize websites to obtain health information resources for American Indian populations.


3-hour version

15 minutes Introductions 
45 minutes General Health Information 
20 minutes Exercises 
15 minutesBreak 
30 minutes Specific Health Issues 
30 minutes Herbal Information 
20 minutes Exercises 
5 minutes Closing discussion and evaluation

2-hour version

60 minutes General Health Information, with exercises, discussion

30 minutes Specific Health Issues, with exercises, discussion

15 minutes Herbal Information, with exercises, discussion

Facility Requirements  

Computer classroom with Internet access

MLA CE Credits: 1, 2, 3