Available Until 12/31/2028

EvalBasics 3: Data Collection for Program Evaluation*

This on-demand online class demonstrates how to apply key data collection principles in developing questionnaires and interviews. It lays the groundwork for creating tools that collect the information you can use to develop, conduct, assess, and demonstrate the value of your projects.

Learning Objectives
Participants will know how to:

Design data collection methods to match their program plans

Develop quality items for questionnaires

Questionnaire distribution methods to increase response rate

Develop interview question guides

Conduct interviews that will elicit useful information

Mix qualitative and quantitative methods in program evaluation

Agenda - Online version - 1 hour

Module 1 - Introduction (You're currently here) 5 minutes
Module 2 - The Blueprint 10 minutes
Module 3 - Quantitative Data 15 minutes
Module 4 - Qualitative Data 15 minutes
Module 5 - Getting Participation 15 minutes


Facility Requirements 
This on-demand online class requires participants to have a computer with an Internet connection. It includes quizzes for each module that must be successfully completed before participants will have access to the class evaluation and receive CE credit.

MLA CE Credits: 1