Available Until 12/31/2028

EvalBasics 4: Data Analysis for Program Evaluation*

This on-demand online class provides participants with strategies for working with qualitative and quantitative data to assess program value and make effective decisions. Participants will be introduced to the logic of evaluation, which involves setting standards for judging value, collecting and analyzing data, making judgements about program value, and making decisions about the program’s future.

Learning Objectives
Participants will know how to:

Apply the logic of evaluation in analyzing evaluation data

Summarize quantitative and qualitative data

Analyze the findings using program outcomes and evaluation questions

Assess the value of a program and make decisions about its future.

Agenda – Online version – 1 hour

Module 1 – Introduction – 5 minutes 

Module 2 – Logic of Evaluation – 10 minutes

Module 3 – Quantitative Data – 15 minutes

Module 4 – Qualitative Data – 15 minutes

Module 5 – Assess Value & Make Decisions – 15 minutes

Facility Requirements 
This on-demand online class requires participants to have a computer with an Internet connection. It includes quizzes for each module that must be successfully completed before participants will have access to the class evaluation and receive CE credit.

MLA CE Credits: 1